FALL 2018  LAKEWOOD SOCCER U7 and U8 Mandatory SKILLS NIGHT for Registered Players.  Tuesday, August 7 at 6:00pm at McGee Park Fields.

Mandatory Fall Soccer Skills Night, Tuesday,  August 7th at 6pm at McGee Park Field on Crestwood ( by the pool).   This event is for currently registered players that are U7 ( born in 2012) or U8 ( born in 2011) .  It starts at 6pm and should not take a long time so you can enjoy the rest of your evening.  This is only for U7 and U8 players.



POOL IS OPEN (thru Labor Day)

Our Pool is OPEN DAILY thru August 12th to our members and their guests ((additional fee). New revised hours will begin August 13th. **Please call 753-6382 if you have questions or would like to host your child's Birthday Party at the Pool! **

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Monday, October 15th, 2018 at 5:30pm

Pool Hours When School Begins (Aug 13th - Sep 3rd, 2018)

Begining Monday ,August13th!!! Mon - Thur = 4:30pm-8pm Fridays = CLOSED Saturdays=10am-8pm Sundays = 1pm - 6pm Labor Day = 10am-8pm Pool will close for season starting Tuesday Sep 4th.


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Lakewood Lake 1 & 2 Dam Update

March 14, 2017

Lakewood Lake #1 & #2 Update

Dam safety inspections by AR Natural Resources Commission completed in 2015 found the need for repairs to both Lakewood dams #1 and #2 in order to meet the Dam Safety requirements for high-hazard dams.

Over many years of aging, dams #1 and #2 have served their purpose well but are in need of immediate repairs. Both dams are leaking. The slope of the dams are entirely too steep and we are hauling in proper material to meet the 3-to-1 slope required by AR Natural Resources, City Engineers and other dam consultants. The trees on both sides of the dams are also a problem. The tree roots extend deep into the ground under the dams. The roots provide an avenue for water to flow through the dams. As trees die, especially on the front side of the dams, they leave a void, allowing water to accumulate, erode and break down the integrity of the dams.

It took several months in the pre-planning stages of the project for engineers and other specialists to determine the extent of damage and design a plan for repair. Core drilling and sampling was performed to help determine the depth and extent of damage to the dams. Surveying and clearing the dams was also performed in order to better determine the extent of repair. We had to install a new drain system for Lake #1 in order to drain and remove standing water off of the toe of the dam. We added extra drains for adequate draining on Lake #1. Drains were extended for dam #2.

Our dams provide many benefits to Lakewood residents and visitors.  The most important benefit is serving as a water reservoir for everyone from the toe of dam #1 all the way to the Arkansas River. Without our dams, areas and homes below Lake #1 dam could experience flooding from excessive rain. Our dams support Natural wildlife which include ducks, geese, and fish which are managed by marine biologists and other specialists.  There is much more to our lakes than their natural beauty.

The LRID Board approved the dam rebuilding projects in order to maintain  the highest level of safety to residents and visitors to North Little Rock.

Once the testing and clearing phase was complete, the planning phase to rebuild the dams began.

Finding proper materials for both dams was a very difficult task. At our contractors recommendation, we dug material out of the upper end of lake #1 and hauled it to both dams for dirt work. This material was compacted to proper specifications in order to meet the engineering guidelines. Using material from the upper end of lake #1 will make the upper end much deeper, will reduce shallow stagnant water and save us substantial costs in hauling in compactable materials for the dams.

Both renovation projects will total an estimated $732,209.65. We would like to thank the City of North Little Rock for partnering with us for $100,000.00 on dam #1 and $138,000.00 on dam #2.

We are very pleased with the quality of work that our contractor, SITEWORKONE, has provided. We have recently had an inspection by AR Natural Resources Commission and both dams passed their inspections.

We anticipate completing our dam projects soon. We appreciate your patience during our dam restoration process. Please call Ken Sullivan at LPOA for additional details or questions at (501) 753-4937.


Mark Ruble, LRID Board Member