Softball Registration General Information

Registration for the Lakewood Softball Program for LPOA Members, Non-Members, and Non-Residents of Lakewood is available to girls in the age groups listed below.

Registration Deadline: Age 7-15 February 28th

Late Registration will be accepted only if space is available and a $10.00 late fee will be assessed. December 31, 2017 determines age bracket.

7-8 $85.00 Members/$110.00 non-members
9-10 $85.00 Members/$110.00 non-members
11-12 $85.00 Members/$110.00non-members
13-14 $85.00 Members/$110.00 non-members
15-16 $85.00 Members/$110.00 non-members
13-15 $85.00 Members/$110.00 non-members.

If you wish to download the Registration Application and turn it in in-person, you can download it at this link in PDF format: 2018 Softball Registration and mail to the following address:

P.O. Box 95378
North Little Rock, AR 72190

or bring to the LPOA Office at 4500 Lakeshore Drive

2018 Softball Registration Form

Registration Category and Cost:

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Based on the number of participants, tryouts may be required. If so, you will be notified of the tryout date.